Design Guidelines for the Life of Retired People

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In this section of ​​my Website, I would like to formulate in an informal and unsystematic sequence design rules for a pensioner's life. Sometimes, there are also sub-rules, and the whole thing might become a little confusing and complex, just as life itself.


Rule 1: Avoid crossing routes

Application area: This rule is particularly important when you live in small kitchens, flats, houses, but can be generalized as desired.

Who does not happen to be in the kitchen with his / her husband, and they both want to go somewhere quickly and get dangerously close to each other or even collide.

The effect of this can be diverse: from nagging or a certain annoyance to serious injuries - everything is possible. Basically, it is better to avoid such (near) collisions if possible.

Here are some recommendations on how to reduce the risk of collisions.

1a. Reduce your presence in the kitchen.

A certain abstinence regarding kitchen work is certainly a good and viable way to reduce the collision risk drastically. Whether this constructive step is also regarded by the partner as such, is, of course, another question.

1b. Go shopping a lot.

Especially those husbands who are often standing around uselessly (in the kitchen or elsewhere) can make themselves useful by spending the morning with various shopping activities. Then the wife has at least in the morning free course in the kitchen and does not need to worry about collisions.

A positive effect for the husband is that he can achieve the often demanded 10,000 daily steps without additional effort.

Sometimes bakers, supermarkets, or butchers are unfortunately located a bit too close to your own apartment or house, so that the desired number of steps is not reached. Here a well-known tip from the rich treasure of life experience helps:

1b1. What you do not have in your head is in your legs (German proverb).

So if you forget the wallet or the shopping list on the way to shopping, this is not a shame, but on the contrary a positive thing. First of all, if you arrive at the destination, you can double the distance and thus, the number of steps, and so you come much closer to the goal of 10,000 daily steps in a surprisingly easy way.










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