What we did in the past

1997, February: Website for SD-nostik, Sinsheim (frame-based)

1997, July: Website for SD-nostik redesigned (table-based, horizontal navigation in the header area)

1998, July: Website for SD-nostik redesigned for the third time (table-based, vertical navigation area on the left side)

1998, Summer: Two design studies for SAP R/3 based on Kai Krause's PowerShow (study 1, study 2). People from frogdesign looked amazed at the studies, but did not comment on them (at least to me)...

1999: walodesign founded officially and opens a Website.

1999, Autumn, Until End of November, 2013: Work for the SAP Design Guild Website (as an SAP employee)

2000, End: Website for the restaurants da Giovanni and Italia (Mühlhausen/Kraichgau, Wiesloch) - maintenance of the Website for some time

2001, February: Website for Frank Michel (moderation)

2001, Spring: Web page (1) for my brother Dieter

2001, Christmas: Website for Ingelore Bauer - maintenance of the Website for some time

2002, End of January: Website for restaurant Syrtaki in Mühlhausen/Kraichgau - maintenance of the Website for some time

2002, February 8: For the first time, walodesign is realized by the world - the company receives its first spam mail in its walodesign inbox; the mail offers services for the da Giovanni Website (entry in search engines and Web directories)

2002, June 27: For the first time, walodesign receives an application for a job.

2002, October 22: walodesign has its own Website at T-Online - walodesign.bei.t-online.de, later walodesign.privat.t-online.de, even later with own domain www.walodesign.de.

2002, Autumn: Starting work for the sunversy Website** (with interruptions up to about 2007); various designs

2003-2004: Not much life on the walodesign Website... Giovanni Website closed for unknown reasons. New walodesign Website with own domain (www.walodesign.de; within www.waloszek.de).

2005, Spring: Website for CE-Immundiagnostika created - maintenance of the Website for some time

2006, Spring: Website for SD-nostik redesigned, consulting for Websites of the Sektion Biosystematische Dokumentation (University of Ulm, several Websites), minor (technical) changes to CE-Immundiagnostika Website, Website for carpenter's workshop Linkwood.

2006, Winter to 2007, Beginning: Website for gold smith Jeanette Bender, Mühlhausen/Kraichgau redesigned technically and slightly with respect to the graphic design - maintenance of the Website for some time

2008: Not much activity, focusing on human performance at the computer...

2009: walodesign celebrates its 10th anniversary and opens a section with UI design columns on its Website. Major update of the CE-Immundiagnostika Website.

2010, April: The SAP Design Guild Website celebrates its 10th anniversary (Gerd Waloszek, Founder and CEO, walodesign, is its editor in chief, administrator, and Web master...).

2010, Juni-July: Redesign of the SD-nostik Website.

2013, Dezember: Retired, no longer working for SAP AG... The SAP Design Guild Website remains available as an archive for an unknown amount of time (actually, until June 2015). Design activities of walodesign also brought to a halt.

2014, January: CE-Immundiagnostika Website transferred to the daughter of the company owner.

2014, March: SAP Design Guild Website for a short time not available (probably a technical problem...).

2015, June: The SAP Design Guild Website (archive)** is no longer available online. See here for the respective article in the SAP UX Community. To find all of the migrated posts from the SAP Design Guild to the UX Community, simply click on this link: https://experience.sap.com/tag/sap-design-guild/.

2017, February: Gerd Waloszek, Founder and CEO, walodesign, resumes his design activities on a "small-scale" basis, focusing on the design of a pensioner's life.


**) no longer online


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