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walodesign was a fictitious company, that is, a company that did not exist - and that, even in a fictitious form, does no longer exist.

walodesign was founded in 1999 by Gerd Waloszek; its purpose was to add a creative arena beside the job at SAP, particularly for gaining experience with Websites. (Sometimes, however, this creative arena turns into "real work.")

Since December 2013, I am retired and - at the beginning - kept away from the "design" topic... In 2017, I resumed my design activities on a "small-scale" basis, focusing on the design of a pensioner's life.

Nonetheless, I would like to direct your attention to a section on this Website: the walodesign columns.


Gerd Waloszek

After two hip and two cataract surgeries, male with artificial spare parts in his early 70s, born in the land between the two seas (Schleswig-Holstein).

Gerd Waloszek, Founder and CEO, walodesign

Studied Physics in Braunschweig, assistant at the Psychological Institutes of the universities of Braunschweig and Trier, doctoral dissertation in Trier (built and evaluated a graphic programming environment).

Working for SAP AG, Walldorf, Germany, in the Usability Engineering Center (UEC) since 1993; member of the Product Design Center (PDC) since July 2001, since 2004 User Productivity, since May 2005 User Experience (SAP UX Infrastructure). Responsible for the R/3 Style Guide during the first years; later involved in consulting R/3 applications, touch screen applications, and Web applications (for example, 2 years for the SAP Retail Store, including graphic design consulting); co-initiator of the SAP Design Guild, a SAP Website dedicated to graphic and interaction design; working exclusively for the SAP Design Guild since mid-2000; from 2004 on also working for the SAP-internal User Experience site (first in SAPNet, now in the Corporate Portal). In 2008, also working for the project "Perceived Performance". This project lasted until about mid 2009.

I retired at the end of November 2013. At the beginning of my retirement, I kept away from the "design" topic. In 2017, I resumed my design activities on a "small-scale" basis, focusing on the design of a pensioner's life.


Conference Visits

Visited the CHI conference, the largest conference about software usability, in 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2008. INTERACT visits in 1995, 2005, and 2009 (first paper, together with a colleague), DIS visit in 2010 and Interaction visit in 2012.

See also photos related to conference visits (not from the conferences, but showing the cities...)


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